Customizing a moon lamp for Bentley activityArt and culture are a major part of what we are and what we hope to be. It represents a number of things reflecting personality and character. Technology has evolved to give rise to new forms of art. In this case, 3d printing has allowed us to effectively create live like moon artwork that gives an accurate holistic representation of our moon.

Bentley moon lamp

  • Product Name: 3D Print Bentley Moon Lamp
  • Size: Diameter 15cm
  • Use of materials: PLA
  • Production process: desktop FDM

Bentley has taken advantage of this to create its own custom Bentley moon. The moon artwork has the Bentley logo designed on it giving a creative impressionable look to the whole customized moon design. This alluring look is topped by an inbuilt light source to give the full moonlike appeal.


Step 1 #: Artwork design of the Bentley moon lamp


Bentley moon lamp artwork design

According to our sources, the moon is designed to highly resemble the actual has a beautiful glowing effect from a led lamp in the model to act as a great light source. Bentley has imprinted their logo onto the moon model to give a beautiful custom look and design. The model's lighting work to further enhance the beautiful designs.


Step #2: Printing by 3D printer


3D printing Bentley moon lamp

The printing process follows simple on paper sketching and modeling. What follows is coding and customization of the 3d model in preparation for printing. Once the coding process is completed, printing takes about 20 hours to complete. This is the most delicate part of the process considering a bug in the code or improper adjustments to the 3d printer may result in catastrophic results.


Step #3:Completing the unit


Bentley  moon


Once the final unit is completed, it is fitted with led lighting and batteries to support remote uses. The model is equipped with a charging port in case it runs out of power and then carefully assembled to completion. The inbuilt battery keeps the light on over long periods making the lamp perfect for all manner of uses.

Bentley moon lamp show


3d printing has been in use in art creation for quite some time, no it as a high-end gift solution to provides customers with professional integrated services ranging from design to production, to meet the customized needs of enterprises and institutions for celebrations, marketing, welfare gifts, etc., and enhance the value of customers

Bentley  moon in tall

3D Printing Lamps are now not only limited to lighting but also an important decorative item. The design of a sophisticated lighting fixture can always bring people a different kind of visual enjoyment. now Bentley customized moonlight lamp by having their logo design put on the beautiful moon lamp, the result has become an amazing beautiful final product that gives a great aesthetic appeal, let you enjoy the beauty of technology.