What is Anniversaries?

Anniversary Day is married couples who celebrated the date on which a couple was married in a previous year.

Anniversary Gift Ideas - lunar lamps


Why need to celebrate Anniversaries?

Marriage is much more than a tradition and a societal norm, it is a communion of two bodies and souls. Over time, we develop a special bond with our spouse. The clock has been ticking & year passed! The beautiful bond that you two share has strengthened a little more, it may have some ups and downs but nonetheless, you two are together and that is all what matters.

Anniversaries are dates which symbolize the completion of another eventful year with your significant other.  Every anniversary in a couple’s journey is a milestone, reminding them how far they have come. Marriage anniversary is a time to celebrate the most special relationship in one’s life.

No matter how many years have passed, do not miss any chance to show how much we care and love them. Most couples remember the important moments in their relationship – the time they met, their wedding day, the births of their children – But the truth is, your wedding anniversary is extremely important, it can strengthen your relationships. so you should always make an effort to celebrate it!

How to surprise your better half on your marriage anniversary? To help make the occasion an unforgettable one.


1. Prepare A Candlelight Dinner

Candlelight Dinner for  Anniversary  Day - lunar lamps

Nothing beats a classy candlelight dinner. The lady in her beautiful gown and the man in a smart tusk walking together hand in hand towards their dinner table on a beach, or in the middle of wilderness, on a mountaintop, in a vast open field or in case none of it is possible, your bedroom decorated with serenity.


2. Create A Photo album depicting your life journey

Collect photos, organize them in an order and paste them one by one in a scrapbook. Create a memoir for just the two of you. Write sweet little nothings around them. Make it romantic, hot and sassy. Give it to your partner on your anniversary. Watch it from the first photo to the last together, remind them of all the events that have happened and how they have made you two closer.


3. Plan an unforgettable journey

Arrange an unexpected travel, just two of you. Traveling is an exciting part of life, but heading to an unfamiliar destination may be pushing the excitement too far for you. Put down all pressure and unpleasant, breathing fresh air, exciting with your lover and step by step explore unknown places together.


4. Give her/him A Romantic Moon Lamps

"Love you to the Moon and back", you are the Moon light in my heart, show your Love and emotion to Her/ Him by Customized Moon.

Love you to the Moon and back - lunar lamps

Supports love message, photos engraving on an elegant 3D moon light. Light it up with peace, romance and tranquillity. These lamps look pretty much like a moon out of the sky with your creativity in 3D. If you are looking for a gift that is pure like your love and soft like their heart, a lunar moon lamp is what you need. What better way to show your spouse you love and appreciate her/ him than this?