There is no doubt that Moon is one of the fascinating celestial things out there in the universe. Stories are woven around its beauty, its mystique appearance, and the shades and shapes which it represents. Hence, would it not be a great idea to gift the moon to your love? Is it actually possible? Though practically it would not be possible to present the real moon to somebody special in your life if you look around for the best creative moon gift ideas 2017 Christmas options you will have quite a few reasons to feel happy about. Yes, it is now possible to gift a miniature moon to somebody you consider very special. It is a special gift and for Christmas and New Year not very far away, you can look at this special product. 

What Is This Product All About

When we talk about this gifting idea, we are actually referring to a miniature moon of different sizes. It's moon replicas, exquisitely and beautiful than the original moon in more ways. It certainly will be one of the best gifts which you could plan to give somebody a unique and different. It is made of high-quality safety PLA material and it glows in the night and illuminates the place. You can be sure that if you are gifting it to your lover, she would without any doubt have a Christmas and New Year that would remain etched in her memory for a long period of time. 

The most Creative Christmas Moon Gift for you

What Are the Advantages Of This Product?

There are obviously a number of advantages as far as this product is concerned. We will look at a few of them over the next few lines:

This is considered to be an original moon lamp and it well and truly is 100% replica of the moon. Whether it is the shadows, uneven surfaces and dark spots, when held in the hand or viewed from a distance it stands out quite differently. 

It also is possible to customize the moon and add required patterns, pictures, characters etc. contents. This again makes is unique and versatile and therefore could be one of the best gifting offers to those whom you consider very special and intimate. 

It is made of high-quality material which is eco-friendly and safety PLA material. It also is odorless and does not have ingredients that could harm the skin under any circumstances. The material has passed CE/FCC/RoHS certification standards set by the authorities and trustworthy independent agencies. 

It comes in different sizes and therefore you can choose the one which could appeal to the person who is receiving the gift. It is available 9, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 24 centimeters diameter and therefore you have six different options to choose from. 

Since it is ordered online, you can dispatch it to many countries of the world. Distance and geographical location, therefore, it will not be a problem as far as this product is concerned. 

It is long lasting, durable and since it will be used and viewed almost on a daily basis, the recall value will be quite good to say the least. 

Christmas gift ideas - 3D Printed Christmas night lamp

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Who Needs The Product

The product is without any doubt a great gifting opportunity and therefore it would be needed by all those who wish to think out of the box when it comes presenting gifts for New Year and Christmas. It could appeal to children to their parents, or from parent to children, from boyfriends to girlfriends and vice versa. You are limited only by your imagination as far as this product as a gifting idea is concerned.


Review Of The Product

The moon look-alike replica comes in five different sizes ranging from 9 to 24 centimeters. It has a wonderful LED lighting system inside which illuminates the entire moon replica and brings in that special natural touch. The moon replica can be recharged using USB and other devices. It could make a wonderful new addition to the bedroom or living room. 

It is suited for traveling and is easily rechargeable. Once recharged it could emit light for around 10 hours It comes with a cable and is a good companion for readers and also for those who wish to drift themselves in a dream world. It is a very popular gifting idea because it can be customized to suit specific needs of the gifting person and also the person receiving it. 

On the whole, you certainly are investing in a quality gifting item which  known for its uniqueness and the advantages and benefits which it offers. Then, 3D Printed Moon night light is Your choice.


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