Our bedrooms are the best place for relaxation and refreshments. While decorating and designing your bedroom, we need to take a bunch of things into consideration, like color, soft furnishings, flooring, textures, furniture etc.

In this modern world, home decoration is considered very important. It is because people like to show off and have opted for more luxurious lives.

Now think if something rare like a moon is present at your bedroom the decoration is taken to a whole new level. It is slowly becoming a new trend.

3D moon lamp in home - lunar lamps

The Moon Lamp

All your housemates will be amazed and glad when they see this small moon lamp! Almost real looking, soft, crater-filled beacon that can sit atop your nightstand, desk, or bathroom counter for midnight pit stops, this 'satellite' is undoubtedly the coolest new way to brighten up your space.

Now you can transform your bedroom into a mystical world with a moon lantern.

After a long and tiresome day, we always want to take a glimpse at the moon for a sense of relief and internal peace.

Now, you can bring the moon into your bedroom.

The beautifully designed moon lamp hopes to bring more delight, sense of relief and content into your life. Now you can indulge yourself into the moonlight. Let Luna illuminate your space, and your mind too.

It is the layout decor that turns your area into a magical world. It is the lamp that lightens up your favorite reading corner. We assure all the details of our product to be perfect. 

What is prettier than looking up at a brilliant complete moon on a crisp autumn night?

The lunas are lit with LED lighting fixtures hidden interior their fiberglass systems. At the same time as the designers are suggesting that the lamps are an incredible way for metropolis dwellers to bring a few nature into their flats, we assume they would appear adorable inside any country home. Just imagine how thrilled your youngsters could be to change their night lighting for this type of awesome lanterns. 

The spherical 3D printed moon lamp seems strikingly like the real moon, so it is an instant eye candy for night-sky enthusiasts (or sincerely for just about everybody).

This lamp is made by an innovative 3D printing technology that makes it a duplicate of the real moon.

Lit from inside, it radiates a gentle-yellow glow, and the floor is engulfed in a beautiful light and dark patchy pattern, much like that is created by the maria (old volcanic fabric) at the real lunar surface.

Unique features:

Brilliant design, rechargeable battery and USB charging; It surely brings you mystery and romance, this night light is just what you need for an out of this world lighting experience.

Now enjoy the shining beauty of the moon at your own home.

bring the moon lamp in home - lunar lamps

Best night light - change colors, you could switch freedom through the contact button at the bottom, cozy glow to any room.

This beautifully designed realistic moon model hangs very well on your wall and lights up to show the different phases of the moon.

Excellent gift - this lamp adopting non-toxic, odorless, environmentally pleasant PLDM material, it's far an excellent gift to women, boys, children, the one that you love.

Using the most advanced 3-D printing manufacturing technology and unique astronomical records, to create a texture very much like the actual moon, constructed in rechargeable lithium battery, with LED twin coloration light effect.It looks just like an actual moon.

The beautiful layout additionally evidently fit anywhere such as workplace, residing room, reading room bedroom and out of doors tenting picnic. 

While illuminated, there's a top notch quantity of surface element which correctly captures the overall topography of the moon’s floor - it’s darkish, medium and lighter areas. Craters and the bright ejecta styles that shoot outward from their center are all beautifully rendered. The surface isn't always smooth, but has swells and pitted areas just like the moon.

This is a remarkable duplicate of the moon; it is extraordinarily realistic when the internal light is activated. It is easily turned on by touching along the bottom region of the globe where the plug enters. 

It creates warmth and a unique beauty to a room. It makes you feel better and makes everything in your room more interesting.


3D printing moon lamp in bedroom - lunar lamps


Just hang it on the wall of your bedroom and you get to sleep with bright moonlight cascading down on you.