Moonlight can provide extreme relaxation and also can lift up our mood anytime. Well to set that relaxing or romantic mood in your room, you cannot always find the presence of moonlights. But of course, you can set the same mood with the help of lamps that looks exactly like a moon. These are the moon lamps which can exactly recreate the mood that you get in the presence of original moon and its light. It can actually turn the entire environment into a magical one.

But it can be really difficult for you to choose the ideal luna lamp for you. So, here is a complete moon lamp review and also how you can choose the best moon lamp from the market. These lamps can be a great home decor for your bedroom or living room with a warm and pleasant light just like the luna moon does. It can be a great idea to convert your little cozy corner into a relaxing zone with this lamp.

What Is Moon Lamp?

Moon lamp is a moon night light that looks like the original Moon. It is done by the help of 3D printing technology and some layer by layer stacks to bring the real appearance of the moon. Everyone knows the accurate shape and texture of the moon based on the images by NASA. So, the lamps are designed in such a way it exactly depicts the shape, texture and looks of the mood with the craters, spots and radiation of light. So, when you will hang this lamp in your room, it will exactly look like a moon radiating the dim light all around.

Why Use Moon Lamp?

These lunar lamps can serve the purpose of a very elegant, beautiful and subtle home decor. The warm and subtle moon night emitted by this moon lamp can create a magical environment which is pleasing and relaxing. Of course, this can be used in any rooms. If you are preparing for some romantic time with your partner, then this lamp can serve with the best lighting effect. The moon is always considered to be romantic and a sign of love. Thus, it can create that light and romantic mood in a room. Surely, this review will help you to know more about the uses of this lamp.

Even, it can be a great gift for your partner as this can be customized according to your wish. Thus, if you are thinking of one of the best Valentine’s Day gift for your partner, then a personalized luna moon lamp can be great. You can customize it with the names as well as a picture. This will of course be something very close to the heart throughout. Even this can be a great birthday gift or gifts for your kids. One who loves decorating their home in some cool and innovative things, for them this can be a great birthday gift. On the other hand, if your kid is learning about the moon now, then this gift can be a quite exciting one for them. So, this lamp can serve some useful purposes. 

How To Choose The Best?

Here are some important factors how to choose moon lamp that is the best and looks real:

  • Eco-friendly material: One of the most important things that you have to consider is that whether or not the lamp is made up of eco-friendly certificated material. There are many such lamps that are made up of cheap materials which are full of toxins and can be harmful to the environment. So, make sure the materials used in making the lamp has to be natural and eco-friendly too.

Eco-friendly material Moon lamp - lunar lamps



  • Built-in Safety Battery: Another important factor to look for is the built-in safety battery for the lamp. It must be certificated and rechargeable so that you do not have to open and change the battery again and again. You can easily recharge the built-in battery and once fully charged, it can last for many hours.


  • Clearest Texture: The moon lamp must have the best and clearest texture otherwise it will not look like a moon at all. There are many 3D lamps that are designed with inaccurate surface design and doesn’t look like the moon or even cannot emit light properly. You need to choose a lamp that is designed accurately based on the images of the NASA and restore the original look and texture of the moon surface. 

Original Moon lamp Texture - lunar lamps



  • Appearance of charge port: There is always a charging port in the bottom of the lamp for charging the battery. But you need to make sure that the port is not too large or too wide. It must be small enough to give the completely round shape of the moon. If the moon is made up of one molding, then there will be no stitching traces and the port will appear small yet accessible. 

moon lamp  Charge port - Lunar lamps



others moon lamp - lunar lamps


moon lamp review

So, make sure to read the moon lamp review before you end up for your home or gifting someone.

Bring the moon out of the sky and light up the heart of your loved one!

 Moon Lamp  Guide and Review - lunar lamps



View the moon lamp compared video as below:

Besides, if you like it more special? Below TWO choice for your reference.


1. Customized

Customize a Unique moon night lamp for somebody special in your life, it supports engraving wordings or photos on the moon surface. Like "Love You To The Moon And Back" to tell him/her you want to say, or engraving your romantic photo on the Moon as a souvenir.

It certainly will be one of the best nova design gifts which you could plan to give somebody a unique and different.

Custom made 3D Printed moon lamp 


2. Magnetic Levitating

If you are an enthusiast of technology, High-end Levitating Moon Lamp is another choice.

The magnetic floating 3D printing luna lamp makes use of the magnetic levitation technique and makes it floating and spinning automatically in the air without any support. it's floated by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air via induction for the 3D moon lamp.

 Levitating Moon Lamp Guide and Review - lunar lamps

 Levitating Moon Light is one of the most beautiful night lights for the modern home interior. That happens when innovations meet the creativeness of inspired minds!